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Barbara displays some handmade soaps.

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Barbara has enjoyed the quality of hand-made soap for many years. After almost a year of research on soap-making techniques and aromatherapy, her first batch of soap was created in early 1998. In the beginning, Barbara intended to make soap just for herself, and her family and friends. But everyone who tried her soap loved it, and encouraged her to make more and expand her repertoire of fragrances. So BARBARABARS was born.

BARBARABARS began as – and continues to be – a one-person enterprise. Barbara researches, creates, and packages every bar herself. She is also the clerk, secretary, bookkeeper, and salesperson. She wants to keep her business small, and limit the amount of soap she creates, so that she can be directly responsible for every step in the process.

Barbara’s soap is made using the classic cold-process method. She uses only the highest quality pomace olive, coconut, palm kernel oils and shea butter, which are combined with sodium hydroxide to chemically create soap. All the sodium hydroxide is consumed in the chemical process – none remains in the finished product. Rosemary Oleoresin Extract, a natural preservative, is added. The soap is produced in small (five pound) batches, one batch at a time, in her home in Covington, LA.

Barbara constantly looks for new ways to improve her products. To further her skills in aromatherapy and perfume science, she visited the center of the French fragrance industry in Provence September 2003. She learned more about the production of essential oils, the art and science of fragrance compounding and picked some ideas for packaging her products.

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Barbara pulling a rack of soap.